love these fluttering insect visit and brighten your day
vist our garden designed to attract butterfliesOpen from June-September, Botanica’s Butterfly House is a public habitat dedicated to the education and exploration of butterflies. This themed garden is a controlled, healthy environment designed to exhibit butterflies and allow visitors the opportunity to observe the interaction of plant and animal species in a natural setting. Enter the Butterfly House, a 2,880 square foot, net-covered butterfly exhibit, to see up to 50 species of native and exotic butterflies and nectar plants for these butterfly species. See the butterfly life-cycle first-hand as butterflies emerge from their chrysalides and take their first flights, see the types of plants to add to your home landscape to attract butterflies or try your hand at identifying different butterfly species.
From October-May, bold splashes of color come from Botanica’s Pansy House. Thousands of pansies in 40 different varieties and a wide range of colors are planted in the House. New series of pansies provide enormous flowers and new color blends are beautiful enough to make a pansy lover out of anyone.
  • Dedicated in Spring 1999

colorful blooms and butterflies make this a must see with every visit