Four-Season Perennial Border

The curved pathway of the Four-Season Perennial Border is full of herbaceous plantings that combine to provide continuous color throughout the growing season. As you walk from east to west, follow the all-season border through spring, summer and fall. Each section features plants selected for their hardiness and bloom season radiance.

All of the featured plants thrive in our region. Keep an eye out for Irises in the spring and Daylilies in the summer. This Garden area includes unique varieties of these plants, varieties that are often not yet available to the public. There are Bearded and Beardless Irises. Irises are available in many colors, but are most commonly purple, blue, white and yellow. Often seen as a sign of royalty and power, Iris flowers bloom in summer.

Daylilies are popular perennial flowering garden plants whose blooms grow at the end of tall stalks called scapes. The genus name is derived from Greek words for beauty and day, referring to the fact that each pretty bloom lasts only one day. However, the late-spring flowering period of daylilies lasts for weeks because each scape has multiple flower buds and the plants produce multiple scapes. There are 20 native species of daylilies and more than 20,000 hybrids.

Dedicated: 1987



Art in Garden

Designed by artist Gary Price, Fine Feathered Friends features a little boy with birds perched on his hand and tray.