Frances Lattner Wildflower Woodland

The Frances Lattner Wildflower Woodland feels like an oasis along the winding Woodland Walk. The sound of the cascading stream calms you, the shade of the trees and shrubs cools you, and the beauty of the Azaleas, Dogwoods, Hostas and Wildflowers inspire you. Benches offer places for restful retreat in this tranquil atmosphere. Goldfish add life to the small pond at the base of the stream.

The Woodland displays three levels of vegetation. Junipers, Mulberries and Hackberries grow up top. In the middle level, Viburnum, Yews and Dogwood Trees grow. In the understory: Lily Turf, Lenten Rose, Lily of the Valley, Forsythia, Azaleas and Celandine Poppy. A Honey Locust with long thorns grows at the top of the path.  Botanica gardeners keep them trimmed back and out of reach from unsuspecting hands.

Dedicated: 1995

Frances Lattner<br>Wildflower Woodland