Jessie Wooldridge Brosius Rose Garden

The Jessie Wooldridge Brosius Rose Garden displays more than 350 rose plants of many varieties. Inspired by the round gardens of New Zealand, this Garden requires intense labor and skilled management.

Roses bloom from late-May until the first frost.  With several American Rose Society winners among them, featured varieties include Floribunda, Grandiflora, Climbing Roses, Shrub Roses and Tea Hybrids. The rose has a rich history in sentimental romance, love, joy and beauty.



Feature Facts
  • A longtime member of the Wichita Rose Society, Jessie Brosius raised many prize-winning roses. Her children and family funded the Rose Garden in her memory.  
  • The brick memorial pathway among the roses remembers friends and loved ones with personalized inscriptions.
  • Look for what many visitors deem the best-smelling roses.  The sweet-smelling Double Delight is a White Rose.  The Grandiflora Rose Strike it Rich is peach-colored and very sweet smelling. The Mister Lincoln is probably the most fragrant Red Rose in the world.  You can smell its large velvet, deep red flowers from almost ten feet away. The Hybrid Tea has a single bloom. The Floribunda and Grandiflora have groups of blooms.


  • Throughout the growing season, gardeners cut rose plants back to the first five healthy leaves and place glue on the end to keep insects out. This process is referred to as deadheading.
  • Rose rosette, caused by a virus, is a disease that damages roses. Gardeners dig out and replace unhealthy plants.
  • Knock Out Roses are very easy to grow. Quietness is a great rose for new growers.  It grows 4-6’ tall, has a full petal count, is very fragrant and easy to grow.
  • The Wichita Rose Society shares these tips for growing roses; ensure 6-8 hours of sun, make sure they are adequately spaced to insure air movement and placed in a well-drained area.