John Firsching Pinetum
& Evergreen Collection

The John Firsching Pinetum & Evergreen Collection displays a variety of pine specimens and aims to increase the diversity of pines growing in south-central Kansas. Pine trees prefer cool, moist climates, hence, evergreens were added to the Pinetum. There are no native pine trees in Kansas and they tend to suffer significantly from insects, fungus and weather-related problems.

Currently, 15 species of pine trees grow in the Collection including Cedar and Cypress varieties. In spring, the Pinetum hillside is filled with Daffodils, Hyacinth and Creeping Phlox. A collection of Lavender fills the air with fragrance throughout the year. The Evergreens also serve as a natural barrier to the Wichita Water Treatment facility located nearby.

 Dedicated: 1992



Art in Garden

Coyote by Marilyn Graves was installed in 1988 and sits on a limestone rock under the Evergreens’ shade.

Harvest Time features a little girl pushing her wheelbarrow in the flowerbed. Artist L’Deane Trueblood installed the sculpture in 2012.

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John Firsching Pinetum<br>& Evergreen Collection