Monday-Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Many in this community have fond memories of the Joyland amusement park. The Khicha Family Carousel is truly a jewel, and we are so glad to see this piece of Wichita history restored to its original splendor – with added garden-flair – and available at Botanica for the entire community to enjoy!


After Joyland closed its doors in 2004, Joyland owner Margaret Nelson Spear donated the Carousel to Botanica in May 2014 to be fully restored and housed in a special carousel pavilion for all to enjoy.

Designed by Allan Herschell Company in 1949, the Carousel spent 59 years of its life at Joyland. With only five remaining Allan Herschell Carousels in the world, Botanica will be home to one of those five Carousels. All of the original horses are currently being restored by Marlene Irvin, Owner of Custom Carving and Restoration.

We have wonderful sponsorship opportunities to help us save this Wichita tradition and centerpiece of Joyland, where it will once again come to life.