Koi Pond Pavilion

Atop Botanica’s highest point sits the Koi Pond Pavilion. The glass walls and windows of the building overlook Boeing Pond. Seating on the sheltered deck provides panoramic views. Nestled on the Pavilion’s east side, enjoy the Koi Pond swarming with colorful koi. Find Water Lilies and Lotuses floating nearby in the small pond.

Cattails and dragonflies dance in the breeze at events held in the Koi Pond Pavilion. Overhead doors open to complement year-round use. A favorite stop for food and drinks at most major events, fun is easy to find at the Koi Pond Pavilion.

Dedicated: 1987

Renovated: 2015

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Art in Garden

Bella, by artist Edward Hlavka, is a little girl overlooking Boeing Pond.

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