Botanica’s Parking Lots and Entrances

To ensure an enjoyable experience on your next trip to Botanica, please take note of your options for parking and entering the Wichita Gardens.

Main Entrance Parking Off Amidon

The Main Entrance to Botanica is off Amidon Street, very near the intersection with Murdock and the entrance to Sim Golf Course. Parking in this lot takes you to Botanica’s Main Entrance. Leading to the visitors building on the right and the Martha Parriott Terrace Garden on the left, Botanica’s main entrance welcomes you to the Wichita Gardens!

South Gate Entrance | River Edge Parking Lot

1912 W. Sim Park Dr., Wichita, KS 67203

The River Edge Parking Lot is a new, 300 space lot located west of Cowtown. From the River Edge Parking Lot, cross Sim Park Drive at the crosswalk and enter Botanica through the South Gate. The South Gate Entrance takes you to a beautiful plaza leading to the Koch Carousel Gardens and the Carousel Pavilion that houses the Khicha Family Carousel.

All public areas at Botanica are accessible from either entrance except in the case of some special events.

Street Parking

When street parking is required, please park on streets near the Main Entrance Parking Lot. Parking along Amidon is permitted where designated. Parking is NOT permitted along Sim Park Drive or in the vicinity of the South Gate Entrance.

At all entrances, parking lots, crosswalks and throughout the Wichita Gardens, please be careful. Watch for vehicle traffic and enjoy your visit to Botanica!


*For parking during an event - please see the event's page for details.