Schnitzler Juniper Collection

Garden junipers are versatile plants that boast a variety of size, shape, growth and color. The Schnitzler Juniper Collection is designed to highlight this diversity with more than 30 Juniper varieties. Among the Junipers, the stream winds its way down from the Koi Pond Pavilion and cuts through this garden area to the sculpture of native Sandhill Cranes called Prairie Wings.

There are Creeping Junipers, Chinese Junipers and Dwarf Junipers in this Garden. Junipers are low-maintenance, but prone to bagworms.  They also provide good windbreaks.  Wichita nurseryman Fred Schnitzler propagated the Wichita Blue Juniper. However, it was not well suited to this climate and a specimen is not included in the Collection.

Dedicated: 1988



Art in Garden

The bronze Prairie Wings sculpture, by artist Walter Matia, features five Sandhill Cranes that appear to be taking flight from the middle of the water. Sandhill cranes have a straight neck and fly with their heads up like an arrow.