The Attendant, 1923

A gift from Charles and Liz Koch, the sculpture is titled, "The Attendant, 1923". Installed at the interior entrance to Koch Carousel Gardens, artist John Ernatt spent more than a year and a half designing and creating this modern masterpiece. Liz worked closely with John during the creative process.

“John Ernatt’s breathtaking work of art punctuates the Koch Carousel Gardens, “ said Liz.  “Working with John on this project was pure magic, and it’s my sincere hope that this gift will serve as a source of artistic inspiration to all who visit Wichita.”

The Koch Carousel Gardens were made possible thanks to a $1 million dollar gift from Koch Industries and the Koch Family Foundation. “The Attendant, 1923” will welcome families to enjoy time together in the Gardens for years to come.

The attendant