Water Well Education Garden

This Garden’s primary focus is to teach visitors about the history and function of the region’s water purification process in a beautiful, natural setting. The Water Well Education Garden developed from necessity. Equipment used in the City of Wichita’s water system moved to the surface in an upgrade. Pipes once submerged were exposed and a great transformation took place. A gorgeous, new hillside emerged and now displays more than 150 shade-loving trees, shrubs and perennial plantings.

This exhibit educates visitors on the city’s water history.  Panels in the Water Well Education Garden explore the origin of our area’s water supply. The water pump to the left of the panels is largely submerged but partially available for observation. It pumps water from beneath the Arkansas River to the water treatment plant. Sidewalk pavers in the shape of tessellated water drops enhance the Garden’s water theme.

Vegetation in this area includes trees such as the Kobus Magnolia, Yellow Buckeye and Dogwood. The Korean Spice Viburnum and an assortment of Azalea Shrubs also grow here, as well as perennials and ferns that form the understory of the woods.

Less than 2% of the earth’s water supply is fresh water. When it comes to conserving water, small adjustments have a big impact. Think about ways you can conserve water—both indoors and outside.

Dedicated: 2000