Woodland Walk
& Frank Smith Woodland Glade

The Woodland Walk is a perfect garden to visit for those looking for shade-loving plants for their home landscapes.  Many of the plants and shrubs in this garden are perennials, so they will keep coming back year after year.   A quarter-mile trail through the Woodland Walk beautifully displays three distinct layers of vegetation; large trees form the canopy, shrubs and small trees in the wider story, and seedlings, low plants and small shrubs in the understory. The Frank Smith Woodland Glade rests along the way. A calm, quiet space with deep shade brought to life by a tranquil waterfall.  Relax on the rustic benches and reflect in this secluded space.

A variety of native and migratory birds, foxes and other animals make their home in Botanica’s wooded area. It is a favorite stop for squirrels drinking from the pool. You might even be lucky enough to see an eagle or hawk soaring overhead. Delight your eyes and ears while enjoying wildflowers along the trail. Springtime brings Crocuses, Azaleas, Daffodils and Tulips. The prominent flowers of summer are Windflower, Columbine, Wild Sweet William, and Arum. Low-maintenance Hostas fill in shady flowerbeds. The natural sand hill environment utilizes existing vegetation in landscaping.

Dedicated: 1997



Art in Garden

The No Greater Love sculpture was commissioned by the sons of Botanica volunteer Betty Tanner.  Located in the Frank Smith Woodland Glade, a life-sized mama fox looks over her four cubs frolicking in a soft, bubbling waterfall.

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